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So I made muffins using the TARDIS tea, and by golly this is good.

I was thinking about different ways to bake with tea and I remembered how people make pot brownies. It’s all in the butter! (Not that I’m encouraging you to do anything of the sort)

So if you need 1 c. of butter use 1 1/2 c. and get it boiling. Now you add about 1 T. of tea for every 1/4 c. of butter. You can be more liberal if you have tea to spare, but I love my tea too much. 

Now boil the tea in the butter for 5 minutes and take it off the heat for 5 minutes. Once you can tell it’s been tinted by the tea, strain it through a sieve(I just used my sifter) and press down on the leaves. Don’t worry too much, you should have enough butter now. (I chilled this and used it in my frosting as well)

For the milk, steep the tea leaves like you’re making a very strong tea. I did the 5 minutes on 5 minutes off for this as well. But be sure to use more milk than is needed, those tea leaves will absorb quite a bit. I used 1 1/4 c. for 1 c. of the milk. 

Now use this concept in any recipe you wish to, and any tea you’d like. Remember that not all teas will taste good in sweets though. (So I wouldn’t recommend using anything with lapsang or gunpowder, though that would be good on meats.)

I used a very basic sweet muffin recipe and a simple buttercream, though I must say I prefer it without the frosting(THEY JUST LOOKED SO CUTE). A perfect muffin for breakfast, and the taste of the TARDIS is present without being overpowering.

edit: For clarification, nice strong loose leaf is preferred.

SOOOO COOL!!! Definitely something I want to try SOON

Dang. That sounds both interesting and delicious.